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AHI’s educational platform was founded in 1984. Though originally established to provide classroom real estate education in Illinois and Indiana, the school quickly expanded to provide insurance and mortgage lending education nationwide. AHI's outstanding team of instructors today specializes in delivering timely, relevant and engaging coursework, via classroom, live webinar and interactive on-line presentations.
Our story was built on loving our work and providing loving service to our customers and the communities we serve.

Meet Our Instructors & Course Developers

Our award winning instructors are top producers in their industry and bring years of experience to the coursework that is presented.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Questions

How Do I Contact AHI?

You can contact us by:
Fax: 847 455-5339
M-F 9am-5am CST
[email protected]

AHI Real Estate & Insurance Services
10113 W. Grand Ave.
Franklin Park, IL 60131

Technology Questions

Do I Need Special Software to Use AHI Courses?


Can I Access My AHI Account from Any Computer?

Yes, you can access your AHI account from any computer at any time of the day or night.

How Do I Log Into An Existing Account?

Type in your username and password at the top of any page or use the my account link located on any page.

How Do I Set Up A New Account?

Click My Account, located near the top of any page.

Click First Time Visitor/New User.

I’ve Forgotten My Username/Password.

Click My Account, located near the top of any page.

Click Returning User

Click Forgot Password?

Enter your email address and your user info. will be emailed to you.

If you have any problems call Student Services 847-455-5311.

How Do I Change My Personal Info.

Click My Account, located near the top of any page.

Enter your username and password and click sign in

Click Personal Information

Don’t forget to click Save once you have made your changes.

Privacy Questions

How Does AHI Use My E-mail Address

AHI uses email address strictly for contact and update purposes only. We DO NOT share, sell, or trade our students’ email addresses with any organization.

We regard our students’ privacy as a top priority.


How Does AHI Use My Personal Information?

In most cases AHI uses your personal information for the purpose of reporting completed course to your state’s licensing department or authorized representative.  AHI DOES NOT store credit card information.

Is AHIEducation.com A Secure Site?

Yes, AHIEducation.com is a secure site. Any data (personal info, credit card info, etc.) flowing to or from AHIEducation.com will be encrypted.
DigiCert® provides security to AHI Real Estate and Insurance Services Inc (AHIEducation.com) by encrypting data between it’s domain and your browser. DigiCert® has verified that AHI Real Estate and Insurance Services Inc controls this site/domain. Records reviewed by DigiCert® confirm AHI Real Estate and Insurance Services Inc to be an existing Company/Organization at time of our review. AHI Real Estate and Insurance Services Inc holds a website identity assurance warranty of $1,000,000. This means you are insured for up to $1,000,000 when relying on the information provided by DigiCert on this site.

What Personal Information Does AHI Really Need About Me?

For the purpose of creating certificates of completion and reporting your credit hours to the appropriate state licensing department, AHI must have your full name, address, phone number and License Number for Real Estate, NPN Number for Insurance Producers or NMLS Number for Mortgage Brokers.  A few states also require the use of student’s social security number for the reporting of records.

Although a credit card is required for online purchases, AHI DOES NOT store, record, or retain credit card numbers.

Is My Personal Information Safe?

Yes. Anytime you send or receive personal or credit card information to AHIEducation.com you will see a lock at the bottom of your web browser indicating you are viewing a secure page. In addition, all data stored on AHI computers is secured. We take extensive measures to insure our systems and data tightly secured and closely monitored.

Does AHI Share or Sell My Personal Information?

NO!  AHI does NOT share or sell ANY of your personal information. 

Payment Questions

What Payment Methods Does AHI Accept?
AHI accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover).

What is AHI’s Refund Policy?
No refunds will be issued for courses or materials purchased. ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL.

What is a State Filing Fee? Do I Have to Pay One?

A State Filing Fee is a charge that some states may charge students for filing continuing education credits, processing, and other fees. If your state requires a filing fee it will be added to your total invoice amount at the time of check out.

What is the Charge for Shipping?

Shipping charges vary depending on the carrier and current rates.

Does AHI Charge Additional Fees for Exam Grading, Processing or Certificates.

We DO NOT charge any additional fees for the above services. 

Does AHI Offer Group Discounts or Corporate Pricing?

Yes, we do offer discounts and reduced rates for groups. Group discounts and corporate rates are based on volume. Call 847-455-5311 for more details.

Course Questions

Is AHI approved in my state?
AHI and Affiliate Providers provides continuing education, pre-licensing, and exam prep course in many states.

What Kinds of Courses Does AHI Offer?
AHI offers courses for Continuing Education, Pre-Licensing, Exam Preparation and Career Enhancement.

How Do I Access My Courses?
-Log into your account by entering your User Name and Password at the top of any page

-Click My Account

-Click Current Tests & Course Downloads

-Choose the course you wish to download

Does AHI Keep a Record of Courses I’ve Taken in the Past?
YES, if you have taken courses with AHI in the past, we do maintain records of those courses. In order to avoid any state course repetition violations, it is a good idea to contact us for a list of courses you have taken in the past.

Can I Repeat Courses I’ve Previously Taken?

Each state has it’s own course repetition regulations. Most states do not permit repetition of courses within the same renewal period. Please click state info for your state’s specific repetition regulations.

Exam & Course Completion Questions

What Is Considered to be a Passing Score?

Based on the individual course and state requirements, passing grade is 70% to 75%.


What Happens if I Don’t Pass an Exam?

If you do not pass an online exam, the system will automatically give you the opportunity to retest online. If you do not pass a paper exam we will contact you and make arrangements for you to receive another test.


Does My State Require A Monitor/Proctor Sit With Me While I Take My Exam?

If your state requires a Monitor/Proctor details will be listed at the top of the web page that displays the available courses for your state and license type. Monitor/Proctor requirements vary by state.


Who May Act As My Monitor/Proctor?

Proctor requirements vary by state. If your state does require your exams to be administered by a Monitor/Proctor please click the Proctor Information button for specific details.


What Information Will Be Asked Of My Monitor/Proctor

We will need only basic contact information from your Monitor/Proctor. Name, Address, Telephone Number and Email Address. As with your personal information; AHI WILL NOT share, market or sell this information with any other company.


Once I begin an exam, do I need to finish it, or can I save my answers…

No. The exam must be completed in its’ entirety.


What Happens If My Internet Connections Is Disrupted?

Unfortunately, if your internet connection is disrupted or lost, a test that is not ENTIRELY completed (processed and graded) will be lost as well. You will have to re-take the test.


Do My Paper Based Exams Need To Be Mailed Back To AHI Or Can I Fax The Answer Sheets Back?

You may either email, fax or mail your completed answer sheets and Declarations of Compliance and Proctor Forms (where applicable) to AHI.


How Can I Confirm That AHI Received My Exams?

You are welcome to call 847-455-5311 for confirmation of the receipt of your exams.


How Can I Check The Status Of My Exams?

Contact AHI by phone or email.


How Long Does it Take for My Exams to Be Graded?

Exams are normally graded and processed within 24hrs. of being received Monday-Friday.


How Long Does it Take to Get my certificate of Completion

If you are completing an on-line course most Certificates of Completion are available to be printed or downloaded upon successful completion of the course.  If you are completing a paper-based course certificates are emailed to you the next business day after the grading of your test. 
Please check you SPAM folder.


Does AHI Report My Records to My State?

Based on state requirements AHI reports records during business hours on a daily basis Monday through Friday.


Course and test completions are timestamped based on Central Standard Time.

What Our Students Have to Say

Rocky Esposito

  • Administrator for AHI Real Estate & Insurance Services, Inc. since 1993.
  • Licensed Continuing Education Instructor for Illinois and Indiana since 1994.
  • Licensed Pre-License Instructor since 2018.
  • Licensed Insurance Broker in Illinois since 1984.
  • Licensed Real Estate Managing Broker and previously licensed Broker and Salesperson in Illinois since 1973.

Rozanne Reynolds

Rozanne Reynolds, founder and Administrator of AHI Real Estate & Insurance Services, Inc. since 1993.

  • Licensed Real Estate Managing Broker and previously licensed Broker and Salesperson in Illinois since 1985.
  • Rozanne has been a licensed Continuing Education Instructor in Illinois & Indiana since 1994.
  • Illinois Pre-licensing Instructor since 2000.
  • Association of Illinois Real Estate Educators – 2012 Instructor of the Year.
  • Written and co-authored many Real Estate and Insurance Continuing Education and Pre-licensing courses.

Paushaun Julien

Paushaun J. Julien is a versatile skilled professional with over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry.

Paushaun provides quality real estate education, translating legal jargon into relatable English terminology. Paushaun’s students regularly attribute their success to his guidance, instruction, and unique ability to convey the content while creating a stress-free, fun, and engaging learning environment.

Kim Johnson

Kim Johnson has brought to AHI Education over 25 years in the Real Estate Business starting as owner operator of an Ohio real estate office.  In 2016, Kim became licensed in both Ohio and Illinois as a CE, Pre-licensed instructor, and Managing Broker. Since 2018, she has taught and prepared courses on social networking, multifamily income properties, preparing investor portfolios, and tenant and rental income properties and strategies.

Kim has been teaching pre-licensing and CE courses with AHI Education since 2018, enjoying teaching her knowledge for a successful career to hundreds of satisfied students.

Marty Norkett

Marty works with AHI in commercial real estate education courses as an author and instructor. He pulls his teaching from his extensive real estate transactions, operations, finance, asset management and leasing of multi-family, office, and retail properties.

Marty also has worked as a developer of neighborhood retail centers in Buffalo Grove, Evanston, and Orland Park. He specializes in the financing of all types of properties, working with all major lending institutions, banks, pension funds, and life insurance companies.

Kirsten Keller

Kirsten is an active Real Estate Broker, Instructor and Mentor. She is a lifelong resident of the western suburbs.

After spending 5 years in Early Childhood Education, Kirsten was ready to help people and families in another capacity; by guiding them to find their perfect home. Kirsten was the 2020-2021 Chairperson of the Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS Young Professional Network, and also serves on the Government Affairs Committee. She is the recipient of NARs Commitment to Excellence endorsement and has also earned a designation as an Accredited Buyer’s Specialist. She was the Winner of Mainstreet’s 20 Under 40 Award, as well as 2021 Committee Member of the Year.

In her spare time, she volunteers for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and spends time with her pets. She and her husband enjoy traveling and cooking. She looks forward to helping new brokers get started in the real estate business and mentoring brokers new to the business navigate through their new career.

Kirsten has delivered excellence to the real estate industry and served in the capacities of administrator, broker, mentor and lead instructor since 2012.