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Virginia Insurance CE Requirements

  • The license term is every 2 years on the last day of the Producers birth month.
  • Producers born in  even-numbered years must complete CE in even-numbered years.
  • Producers born in an odd-numbered years must complete their CE in odd-numbered years.
  • Single Line License
    • 16hrs. CE, including 3-hours of ethics (which may include Virginia laws and regulations) are required every 2-year license term.
  • Multiple Line Licenses  / Public Adjusters
    • 24hrs. of CE, including 3-hours of ethics (which may include Virginia laws and regulations) are required every 2-year license term.
  • Producers must take courses in the line for which they hold a license.
  • For dual-licensed Producers – minimum of 8hrs. must be completed in each license type held and a minimum of 3hrs. must be in a course approved for ethics.

Students are required to read and complete all study materials PRIOR to attempting the final exam.

  • Final exams are closed book. The use of notes, books or any outside assistance is forbidden.
  • Exams must be monitored by a disinterested 3rd party “Proctor”. Proctors must be  minimum of 18yrs old and can be any person with NO family relation or financial interest in the success of the student completing the exam. 
  • Final exams must be completed with a passing score of 70% or above to earn course credit.

Initial NFIP Flood Training Requirement:

  • 3hrs. of initial training must be completed prior to selling or soliciting flood insurance products

Initial Annuity Training Requirement:

  • One-time 4hr. training must be completed prior to selling/soliciting annuity products.

Initial Long-Term Care Training Requirement:

  • 8hrs. initial training must be completed prior to selling/solicitating Long-Term Care products.

Frequency of Long-Term Care Training:

  • Additional 4hrs. LTC training must be completed every 2yr license term following completion of initial requirement.

Important Note: Failure to complete the Ongoing 4-hr. training, within 24 months of completion of the initial 8hr. training course, will forfeit recognition of the initial 8hr. training course by the Virginia Department of Insurance, and will result in the Initial 8hr. training course having to be repeated.

  • Repetition Rules
    • Courses may NOT be repeated within a 2yr license term.
  • Carryover Rules
    • Excess credit hours may be carried over to the next compliance period, but hours must be reported, and a continuance fee must be paid, in compliance period in which course was taken.
    • Excess Ethics credits may be applied to other CE requirements in the current compliance period, and any remaining credits will be carried over to the next compliance period and applied to either the Ethics requirement or other CE requirements.

Upon successful completion of a course, AHI will provide students with a printable Certificate of Completion which should be retained by the Producer in their personal files.

AHI will report course completions directly to your state recording entity, based on individual state requirements. 

Courses are licensed to be presented online or by paper based self-study.

The following are exempt from Virginia Insurance CE requirements:

  • Individuals who hold a limited line license, such as credit life/health, travel accident, and travel baggage insurance producers.
  • Non-resident producers in good standing with their home state CE requirements. Non-residents are still required to pay the processing fee.
  • Non-resident public adjusters who are licensed as a public adjuster in their home state and are in good standing. If the license is terminated, suspended, or revoked in their home state the VA non-resident license will terminate and must be immediately surrendered. Non-residents are still required to pay processing fee.
  • Individuals may request a waiver with good cause; submit to Pearson Vue.
  • Individuals who are licensed in the even-numbered year of the biennium are exempt from continuing education for the current biennium only. However, if you do take any CE courses in the current biennium, you must pay the $22 Continuance fee within the deadlines specified in the Compliance Schedule to have the courses applied to carry over for the subsequent biennium.
  • Agents who have applied for and received a permanent exemption from the continuing education credit requirements

Although efforts have been made to ensure that the information provided here is accurate and current, AHI Real Estate & Insurance ( nor its employees warrant or represent that this information is accurate and current. Please consult your state licensing agency for the most current laws and regulations. All information is subject to change without notice.

Virginia Bureau of Insurance